So, despite your best efforts, you’re not getting any online reviews for your financial services business.

All of your social media posts are just not getting the reactions and interactions you hoped for, and your content is getting lukewarm reception at best.

Don’t stress. Whether you’re struggling with negative feedback or just not getting enough reviews on your website, it’s all solvable.

If a client is willing to take a couple of minutes to sit down and write a review of their experience with you and your business, they’ve either really enjoyed your service or they completely hated it. There’s really no middle ground when it comes to reviews.

Regardless, reviews are important for your company’s continuous growth, for a few different reasons.

Positive reviews and feedback from your clients can really give your business a ‘leg up’ online. If someone searches for your company and a negative review pops up, you just might have a problem.

This article will give you some handy tips that you can use to help your business get more reviews from happy clients.

Google My Business

Before we get into all the pros and cons of online feedback, it’s important to note that the way we use online reviewing systems has changed more than just a little bit over the years. These days, people don’t just go with the person or company that they see first. Most people also don’t easily listen to the advice of others, either. They listen to the only opinion that matters; the “opinion” of the Almighty Google.

Is your business listed on Google?

If you haven’t done it already, it’s easy to list your business on Google My Business. Simply search for your company name. If you’re not already listed, you’ll be able to do this now.

You’ll be asked a couple of questions about your business including hours of operation, and anything that you want potential clients to see when they find you in search. Then Google will send you a postcard to confirm that you’re the owner of the business. Once verification is confirmed, you’re good to go with Google reviews.

Now that you can promote your business for reviews on Google, it’s time to ask any and everyone you know and to send in those five–star reviews.

But, what’s the best way to do this?

One Hand Washes the Other

People are always more likely to do things for you if there is something in it for them. If your potential reviewers will benefit from leaving a review of your business, they’re definitely going to consider doing what you ask them to. So, try to offer some type of incentive to your customers when it comes to reviews.

Think about sending an email to your clients asking them to submit a review to your website, Google or even Facebook, and maybe in return, they get some type of service in return or an entry into a raffle to win some kind of gift card.

Make your email as happy and friendly as possible in order to convince your client to send you a fantastic piece of feedback. Be sure to be specific in your email and provide instructions on how (and links to where) to leave their review.

All You Have to Do Is Ask!

If you’re having problems getting reviews from customers, then you just might need to be more direct in your approach. There is no harm in asking your clients, in person, to leave a review on your website or on Google to help boost your numbers. You can ask your clients during their visit if they’d leave a review and then follow up with an email a few days later; something short and sweet to make them feel appreciated.

Video Reviews

Reviews don’t have to be written in a suggestion box or published on Google. You can also ask your clients to do a short video review. They could talk in front of the camera with their pets and describe how their visit to your business went for them.

You can display these videos, with permission from your clients of course, on your website to help draw more customers into your practice. Known as video testimonials, they are one of the best (and most persuasive) types of reviews out there.

Nasty Bites

We’ve all had a nip or two in this line of work, and sooner or later, if you haven’t already, you’ll run into negative feedback. It’s annoying to deal with, and it can even make you unhappy about your own work, but this is a completely normal occurrence when running a vet clinic.

Everybody (in every industry) gets harsh feedback at some point, and the most important thing is knowing how to deal with criticism. You may even be able to learn from these reviews and make something positive from something negative.

If a customer is complaining about your service, always stay calm. Address their issues, apologize (if necessary) and ask them how you can make it better. It’s important to never remove any negative feedback as it may affect the standards of your review system—as well as make you come across as dishonest.

Responding professionally to an upset or distressed client will benefit you by showing future clients that you’re a calm, kind and helpful person to work with. It will also show clients that if they do have any queries or concerns, they can be addressed proficiently and professionally by you.

You can’t satisfy everybody. And it’s important to remember that negative feedback is still feedback and that’s how you can grow, improve your services and make your customers happy.


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